Workshops and readings

During a reading I can talk about any kind of subject around astrology. Perhaps the audience is interested in spiritual astrology, or wants to know more about how astrology can help to build up self-esteem. Whatever is needed on the field of astrology I can talk about.

I also organise workshops for a minimum of 7 people. During these workshops I work with the horoscope of each person. I give insights about the spiritual points in each horoscope and explain the soul path. Next to theory we do meditation and bodywork. A workshop will give you a lot of ingredients to learn more about yourself. Also you receive tools to integrate the horoscope knowledge.


Holistic pulsing and astrology
Edinburgh Harp festival in Edinburgh
1st of April until the 6th of April 2016


Safety and security

03 | 10 | 16

Truly free are the humans who know themselves, who feel themselves, who are allowed to feel what they want to feel....

Crisis in the cosmos

17 | 03 | 15

The Tree How much I am longing to be as the proud oak tree at the borders of Loch Tay. Deeply rooted in the...

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