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Kabbalistic astrology

Kabbalistic Astrology gives insight into which level of consciousness you are at this moment. The word ‘Kabbalah’ means ‘tradition’ or ‘wisdom told from mouth to ear’. The Kabbalah is a Jewish wisdom that explains the essence of a human being and his/her capabilities. The tree of life is a symbol from the Kabbalah. The fruits of the tree of life are called Sephiroth. Each Sephira represents a cosmic power and the Sephiroth are connected with the paths. I connect the Sephiroth and the paths with the astrological symbols in your chart. This allows me to explain more about your spiritual development and you receive insights about the Kabbalah.

In astrology there is always a learning task on the opposite sign. For example, an Aries has to learn to put himself /herself in the centre, but in this process he/she has to think about the others around him/her, which is the quality of the Libra. On the tree of life there is the same kind of energy process. The outer pillars form each others’ opposites. If you choose to work on the Sephira ‘Geburah’ then you also have to work on ‘Chesed’, on the opposite pillar.

I connect Geburah with Mars, they represent fighting, power, judgement and discipline. I connect Chesed with Jupiter; they represent mercy, compassion and peace. The more balance there is between the opposites, the more inner peace you will gain.

Marianne Cranston


Marianne Cranston
06 - 22 26 03 11

Lid van VZLA (Vereniging Zwarte Lichten Astrologie)