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Truly free are those who know themselves. This is my motto, my philosophy on which I have based my life and work. Truly free is the person who is himself/herself, who accepts himself/herself as he/she is – with positive as well as negative characteristics.

With the horoscope analysis I show you how special and unique you are. Through understanding and accepting the past, you learn to integrate everything that happened and then you will be able to let go of the sharp edges. Transformation gives new openings, new growth. You learn to know yourself on a deep level and feel more inner peace and freedom. You will step into the world, living from your beliefs and love for yourself, totally responsible for the unique person you are. You will shine, people will notice you.

My aim is to make astrology accessible to everybody. During the consultation I work with psychological astrology, spiritual astrology and kabbalistic astrology.

Since the end of 2012 we are in the Aquarius time. Aquarius is the freedom fighter who works from out of his unique core. He wants to break old structures and beliefs and renew the world. Developing towards equality and working together but holding on to our unique source. Through the horoscope analysis you will begin to see and feel your unique core and then be able to stand for your beliefs in this world.

Marianne Cranston


Marianne Cranston
06 - 22 26 03 11

Lid van VZLA (Vereniging Zwarte Lichten Astrologie)