Psychological astrology

Psychological astrology or Jungian astrology is using the analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. He is the person behind the archetypes, the process of individuation and the study of elements.  These themes are also seen in a horoscope analysis. Astrology is a way to show the psychological structure of a person. The horoscope shows your growth potential. Through the psychological horoscope analysis I will explain your character. The beautiful qualities and learning points will be put in order. I explain why you are like you are and how you can allow all the different aspects of your character work together. You will experience more inner balance and will be more grounded and through this earthy reality spirituality can open.

Every planet is energy and shows a psychological part of you. The planet Mars means energy and strength, daring to stand up for yourself, being assertive. While the planet Venus focuses on relationships, the love of yourself and the other and the longing for harmony.  The art of life is to find balance between and to use all the energies of all the planets in your chart. What are your talents; your goals; your learning points? How do you communicate; how do you deal with partnerships? Are you in the right job; Do you use all your talents? How is your health; why do you feel frustrated or stressed? Why haven't you found the love of your life yet?

During the psychological astrology analysis I will try to give you answers to all these questions. By understanding your chart you gain trust and belief that you deserve the best in life. You are in charge to take your life in your own hands. How fantastic it is that you are free to decide if you stay in a job you hate, or that you decide to pick up a new study, or look for another job. If you take responsibility for your own life you can choose at any time to change your path and walk a different direction. By looking at the planets at this moment I can help you with making decisions. It is still up to you. You are the captain of your own ship.


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