Evolutionary and esoteric astrology

The evolutionary astrology looks at the journey of the soul through the horoscope. It looks towards life as Gods Plan. Everything is connected, and everything is in a certain order. The movement of the stars and planets in the universe affects everything in daily life. The evolutionary soul travels through many lives and learns to develop purity by getting rid of old karma.

Every soul comes into this world on a certain level.  During our talk I can connect with your level and make you understand the path your soul wants to go in this life. Especially the place of Pluto and his opposite and the Nodes give knowledge about your soul’s journey.

I am using the wisdom of Alice Bailey in the analysing of your esoteric horoscope. The explanation of this horoscope will put a completely different light on your soul path. Together with the wisdom of the rays it will connect with you with a very high frequency.

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