Spiritual astrology

Spiritual astrology shows a deeper level of your unique personality. It's the astrology of the soul, who you are in essence.  Spiritual astrology shows you the reason of incarnation. What does your soul want to develop in this life? What are the contents of your consciousness from past lives? Where lays the pain from past lives that you can transform in this life, giving a source of strength?  What are your core qualities?

At the moment of birth you were still connected to the beautiful enormous cosmos. Your essence, your soul-quality was still with you. Through the influences of the outside world, such as your parents, family etc., you had to put your high sensitivity and connection with higher energies away. You had to come with two feet on the ground and connect with Mother Earth. On many occasions you live trying to survive by giving others what they need. So you adapt to the others. In the second part of your life you can't ignore the call of your soul, your inner voice. You will start searching for the real reason why you are here in this world. You want to have contact with your soul. Through analysing your spiritual horoscope I can give you insight into your soul qualities, your aim in life, the essential you.

Chiron, Pholus and Nessus, the Black Moon and Sun, the Nodes, the Dragon and the Beast, in your chart, express a deep layer or higher connection. Chiron is the ruler of initiation, building a bridge between earthy reality and spiritual growth. Chiron’s' place in the horoscope explains in which way you may have suffered and how you may have been wounded in past lives. In this life you experience pain and insecurity on a certain field. I will explain the meaning of your Chiron and show you how you can transform the pain and insecurity into sources of healing qualities.

Chiron, Pholus and Nessus give us deep knowledge about hidden themes from past lives but also ancestor theme’s from this life. Pholus takes the lid off hidden issues such as betrayal and sexual abuse etc. Nessus wants to stop the bug that has been caused by emigration, the great clearances, wars etc. Letting go of family and country karma.

The Nodes explain the path of the soul. The South Node includes past life experiences. Here you feel a lot of self confidence. The North Node stands for new consciousness, new qualities you have to develop in this life. It is a task, and your soul will give you the longing to work on this task in this life. The place of the Black Moon in your chart can bring insecurity, it's a blind spot. Here you have to learn to follow your intuition. The Black Moon is the opening to the soul. When your ego is strong enough and you don't rely anymore on the respect of the outside world, you will learn again to trust your soul-wisdom, your inner voice. You will start to connect again with the true person you are and you can use your inner qualities to heal other people.


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