Crisis in the cosmos

17 | 03 | 15

The Tree

How much I am longing to be as the proud oak tree at the borders of Loch Tay.
Deeply rooted in the earth.
Resistant to violent storms, gale and bitter cold.
In peace, gently rocking, observing without judgement.
Enjoying All what is.
Just Be.

The world is going crazy and it looks like violence, fear and aggression are developing more and more.  From an astrology point of view there is a lot going on in the cosmos. From the 21st of August 2010 until the 17th of March 2015, Pluto and Uran are meeting each other in the sky at an angle. That means tension between the energy of transformation and the energy of sudden new happenings, and freedom.  Pluto is looking for new structure and letting go of old structure. Uran wants immediate freedom from the old.  Uran has no time and Pluto needs time to find solid new constructions. So they have to learn to work together.  Building towards a better new world. Get rid of structures that are old-fashioned, build solid new structures. Create a world of more equality and  freedom.  So there is a lot of work to be done, in the outside world as in our inner world.

Saturn is helping us from the 6th of October 2012 until the 23 December 2014 to get rid of energy on a deep inner level. He is asking each one of us to start taking responsibility for hidden fears, trauma’s /pains from the past, insecurities which are hidden on a subconscious level.  Events in our lives can open up deep wounds in this period. Now it is time to dare to look at them, grieve and heal them.  Nothing stays hidden anymore. Not inside yourself but also not in the outside world. Things that are not o.k. are coming to the surface. The violence all over the world as in Syria, Pakistan, Ethiopia, all the murdering and suicides, the economy crisis, the corruption in the banking sector. Every day the paper is full of the work of Saturn, Pluto and Uran.
The beautiful task we all have in this time is to look inside ourselves. To start to love and respect yourself for the beautiful person you are. Get rid of behaviour that isn’t really you.  Free yourself from old fears and insecurities. Unconditional love for yourself and from there unconditional love for the outside world.

Dare to look in the mirror of the other. If you are angry, it always says something about yourself. This way you create an inner wisdom and you start to trust yourself more and feel safe with yourself. And that will shine towards the outside world.  
Pluto lets you know if your inner structure is still o.k. Is it not time to let go of old behaviour? Are you still holding on to safety, that isn’t safe anymore? Uran helps you to free yourself. Saturn helps you to take full responsibility over your own life. He helps you to dare to look at your fears and pain. Have the courage to go into these fears and pain

A little dying opens new life and challenges.

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