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Mercury, the planet of communication is in retrograde mode from the 22th of October until the 10th of November 2013. This retrograde mode can mean that you will have obstacles in communication, travelling and other issues which have to do with words and making connections. More traffic jams, more delays, meetings that go wrong, miscommunication, computer crashes etc.  Also in partnerships, communication can be a problem.

Children born in this period have this Mercury retrograde in their chart. Spiritual astrology sees the Mercury retrograde as a refusal to come into this world. (Incarnation refusal). Perhaps the birth was a difficult one, or perhaps the child has a problem in socialising. (Shyness, a stutter, dyslexia).  The learning theme of a person born with a  Mercury retrograde is to start to accept daily life on this earth.  Ground yourself and love yourself and planet earth. We all have to work and pay bills. This person rather spend time daydreaming or escaping in other ways.

The period between the 22th  of October and the 10th of November is a good time to withdraw.  Give yourself quality time, rest, meditate, write. Analyse the way how you talk. Do you talk connected with your heart? It is also a good time to sing.  Work with positive affirmations. How is your body language? How positive are your thoughts?

Words come out of your mouth. What do you put in your mouth? How pure is the food that you eat? How pure are the words you speak?

When you end up in a traffic jam, don’t get annoyed and send swear words around. Sing a song, breathe deep into your belly and relax.

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