Born in Baexem, The Netherlands, 21st April 1958. When my husband died in 1984 I was left behind with my daughter of 1½ years. This was, for me, the beginning of developing self - awareness and spirituality. My visits to an astrologer especially helped me to hold on and believe in myself.  My enthusiasm for astrology was awoken and has never left me.

I trained to become a professional astrologer in Tilburg with Martien Hermes and Jerome Korse. I learned spiritual astrology from Monique Leurink at the International School of Metaphysical Astrology in Amsterdam. I also followed various courses and training, e.g. Kabbalah and spirituality. Regarding the Kabbalah and spirituality in astrology, you never stop learning and developing. I did the Holistic Pulsing training in Maastricht with Hanneke de Vries. I did the education Sound and Healing with Uschi Laar in the South of Germany. Working with sound gave me a new direction in my work.


Safety and security

03 | 10 | 16

Truly free are the humans who know themselves, who feel themselves, who are allowed to feel what they want to feel....

Crisis in the cosmos

17 | 03 | 15

The Tree How much I am longing to be as the proud oak tree at the borders of Loch Tay. Deeply rooted in the...

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