Truly free are those who know themselves

Marianne Cranston

Astrology has run through my veins since 1984. My studies in astrology and spirituality, my life experience – my search for my unique core – helped me in my development in becoming a spiritual astrologer on a high level. Every horoscope is a new meeting with a special human being. A horoscope can help gain insights into all your possibilities, wishes, needs, qualities and learning tasks but especially the strongest drives that move you in this life.  Together we walk step by step towards your unique core.  Through casting light on the influences of the past, we reach the person you really are. The mist clears. And then you are free.

My motto is: truly free are those who know themselves.

Issues in life can cause blockages on your path. With an astrology session I can guide you towards all the obstacles. By facing them you make a start to accept the past and give it a place.  The first step towards freedom is made. As a waterfall your life will run the way your soul wants it to go.

With my warmth, integrity and direct approach I can give you a unique consultation.  In a gentle way and with respect, I will lead you on a journey through your birth chart – your blueprint.  Encouraging self esteem and self consciousness are the goals.  With my direct way of communicating and ability to ‘tune in’ I can quickly reach the core and find an opening for a healing conversation.  The language of the stars, my hands and voice, my spiritual development and wisdom, and using that in daily life, form the core of who I am.  My aim is to help give you self belief, courage and trust, to enable you to continue on your path of life. I help you find your true self.

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