Year - prognosis

Year - prognosis

Planets are constantly moving. Through connecting this movement with the horoscope I can see what is happening at this moment. This isn't fortune telling, more like helping you focus on points of attention in your life. With the knowledge of which planets are working strongly in your chart, you can work with them, instead of the energies of the planets confusing and frustrating you.  You are the captain of your ship and you have the freedom to make your own choices.

Relationship - horoscope

Walking down the street you happen to bump in to someone. You look in to his/her eyes, and then Cupid and the planets do their work. You feel the energy flow between you and the other person. Perhaps his/her Venus is connecting with your Moon, or your Sun makes a good connection with his/her Moon. By comparing two horoscopes I can get a picture of how people relate to each other. Here I can see what kind of elements work together, and on what subjects you both need to work, allowing you to respect each other's differences. By putting the horoscopes together (composite) the aim of the relationship shows. I can also see in the composite the strong points of the relationship and the learning themes. I can make this kind of horoscope for every form of relationship. Lovers, colleagues, business partners, brothers and sisters, friends etc. When people are together for a while and the relationship has developed on a deeper level I can analyse the relationship with a Combine. It’s the soul plan of 2 people together.

Follow - up consultation

Of course, it is always possible to make a new appointment to analyse certain aspects of your blueprint in a deeper way.  It’s also possible to work deeper into the family lines and the ancestor patterns. 

There are also other theme’s we can work on. For example, relationship themes; when am I ready to meet a nice man? The work theme; am I in the right job? The health theme. Etc.

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