Holistic pulsing

Integration from your horoscope through coaching, music-work, chakra therapy and holistic pulsing.

The horoscope is a source of wisdom. After a consultation it is a shame that all that new information keeps on hanging in your head. It would be ideal if you could integrate all the new knowledge in daily life.  That’s why I searched for different ways to help you start to use your horoscope in practise.  The information about your horoscope becomes an inspiration to give yourself a boost towards self-consciousness. We can work on the relationship with your parents, ancestors, or on the theme of love and relationships, children, might and power conflicts etc. Or we work on a deeper level on the spiritual points.

The mind will be fed with deeper astrology-knowledge. The soul will be fed through the sounds of the harp, the monochord or the voice. The body will be fed through the holistic pulsing. Bringing together the mind, body and soul.

Working with music and chakra-therapy

Everything is vibration. Every note of a piece of music is working as a vibration through your body. Music can give you comfort or activates you. Together we will search for the music-vibration that you need at this moment. Perhaps it’s the earthy sound of the monochord, perhaps it’s the soft vibration of the harp.  During pulsing my voice can give you a healing on your chakra’s.  After a few sessions we can come in contact with your ground tone. And that feels like coming home.

Holistic pulsing

Holistic Pulsing... is also called 'the power of gentleness'. The specific rhythm, together with the caring rocking and stretching, invites the body to let go of tensions and blockages from deep levels. Relaxation is the door to depth and contact with your inner self, which is the source of your own Power, Wisdom, Love, Energy, Joy and every other good thing in life. It helps you feel free within yourself. Holistic pulsing and music-work doesn't impose anything but allows the body to let go of tensions at increasingly deeper levels. You lie on a massage table and there is no need to undress..

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