Safety and security

03 | 10 | 16

Truly free are the humans who know themselves, who feel themselves, who are allowed to feel what they want to feel. The humans who are free from old conditionings, from tradition, education, the opinion of others, the world outside.

A human is free when he has inner safety. When he knows that at all time he can come home to himself. He is free when he learned to come eye to eye with being alone. Loneliness as purgation.

We are living in a very special time of total transformation. The old well -known does not fit anymore and the new seems not to come into view.  On every level in the world cesspools are opening and humanity is forced to start cleaning the mess we all made.  Masses of people are leaving their unsafe home and country and flee into the world looking for security. In all the chaos and fear the human needs a helping hand. And that you can only find inside yourself.

With the knowledge of the Moon in your chart you can learn a lot about what you need, to find inner security. The Moon in the horoscope stands for safety and security, your emotions and feelings, coming home inside yourself, in your family, tradition etc.  Inside you it is always safe. What do you need to be safe? And if you are safe inside yourself are you strong enough to let go of old energy that stops you on the path of your soul?

In short it means that when you have your Moon in Aries you need space to pioneer, and to be honest to speak out. The Moon in Taurus needs earthy security as food and money. Moon in Gemini feels good in communication with friends and travelling. Moon in Cancer loves to nurse the family. Moon in Leo loves luxury and to be seen. Moon in Virgo needs overview and purity. Moon in Libra needs harmony.  Moon in Scorpio loves to dig deep into the psyche. Moon in Aquarius needs to be free. Moon in Pisces loves romance and intends to sacrifice.

You are free within yourself when you are true to you. Free from old conditions and adapt behaviour. You are free within yourself.  Safe inside yourself you are able to develop your ego and the Sun sign.  Then you are ready to let go of ego and the hidden black moon and other spiritual points will unveil themselves.

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