From limitation towards total freedom

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It’s the last day of 2013 and I am sitting quietly in my living room thinking about everything what happened. What an intense year it has been.  Nature disasters, death and crisis. A lot of shit came out of the cesspool. Lance Armstrong came clean in his interview with Oprah Winfrey. The church had to admit to all the sexual abuse. We had the death of Thatcher, Nelson Mandela e.o. The poison gas attacks in Syria, the typhoon in the Philippines.... Etc. Etc. Also happy events did lighten up the year. In Holland we had a change on the throne. The new pope with all his fresh approaches and sober way of living. He must have strong Aquarius energy in him, bringing a new structure, into the Catholic world.

Both Pluto, planet of crisis and transformation and Uran, planet of innovation worked hard. And this will continue in 2014. Pluto, planet of transformation, is asking us to go through fear towards strength. Let go of old survival patterns and securities that aren’t secure anymore.   Fear stops us so often, while deep down inside we know we have to let go if we want to be free.  Easier said then done, but if you dare to jump into the deep you will end up being healed. Take the power back over yourself. Don’t let yourself be limited because of a bad past and other trauma’s.  Take the power back by caring and loving yourself as number one. Whatever happened in the past, every day you can decide to value and love yourself as nr. 1. You are good as you are. Nothing and nobody can take the power over you when you are connected with your inner self and you value yourself.

Pluto is also the planet from the underworld, from Hades. Planet of the forbidden, the stinking rotten shit what lies in the cesspool, karma of ancestors.  Pluto gives you strength and power and is the planet that can help you to come close to your inner self  by letting go of old angriness, old behaviour. By grieving for what you lost, crying and screaming about all the injustice what people did to you. And then letting go. That will give you freedom. Finally free from being a victim. We start a new year, and we are in the month of Capricorn.  De Sun is shining his light this winter through the always serious hard working Capricorn which is ambitious and slowly climbs up to the top.  Pluto our little strong friend is moving since 2008 through the starsign Capricorn. We all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart, so we are all affected by its influence of letting go.  Capricorn stands for structure.  Structure can be limitation.  Since 2008 Pluto is helping us to change structures that have no value anymore. It helps us to find new structures that are free from limitation We all want to be free and have space to be our own unique individual. In the old times we all had to bow to the structure of the church, King or president. The old hierarchy doesn’t fit in this new time anymore. So Pluto helps us to find better and equal structure. As we all are looking for new inner structure and new outer structure, we will have more inner and outer freedom.

Let transparency be your structure in 2014.

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